Parsival Assistance was founded and is fully operational as from the beginning of 2021. Our goal is to offer a reliable partner in the Insurance Assistance world covering the popular Eastern Mediterranean tourist destinations. Greece and Cyprus are our strongholds and we also offer support for cases in neighboring countries.

Our team has strong foundations in the market and is established as an affiliation partner that operates with honesty, transparency, and efficacy.

We, at Parsival Assistance, through our working experience, our immaculate record and high work ethics offer You as a business partner:

  • In-depth local knowledge and ability to navigate the Greek healthcare system efficiently
  • Knowledge of local laws and norms
  • A Multilingual and Multicultural team that competently navigates the cultures of both clients and providers
  • A strong player in the local market with a vast network of partners and connections

Our Team

Simula Paraschaki, CEO and co-founder of Parsival Assistance

Simula, has firsthand experience working as a medical coordinator for over 20 years in collaboration with SOS International, the leading assistance company of the Nordic countries.

For over 15 years, through her company “Sirmatenia Paraschaki/SOS Greece” she was responsible for all assistance related matters, including cost containment and assistance services, in Greece and Cyprus. During this time, she has also been servicing SOS International’s partners in the Astrum Assistance Alliance (Eurocross Assistance from the Netherlands, CEGA from the United Kingdom and Roland Assistance from Germany).


Connection with Scandinavia

Since 2010, Simula was appointed Honorary Consul by the Kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway for western Crete.

In 2019, she was granted the honorary title of Knight from all three countries

  • The Order of the Dannebrog by the Danish Ambassador
  • The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit by the Norwegian Ambassador, and
  • The Royal Order of the North Star by the Swedish Ambassador.

Medical Team

Our highly specialized Medical Team is led by an experienced Chief Medical Officer with 20 years of experience as a Medical Consultant in Assistance Cases.

The Team

  • has an expertise that covers most medical specialties
  • is trained in Flying Medicine principles and always up to date with Aeromedical Guidelines
  • has a deep knowledge of the local medical world
  • has excellent relationships with collaborating doctors around Greece and Cyprus
  • is experienced in dealing with difficult and complicated cases with tight timelines
  • is highly efficient in extracting information from public hospitals in the case of difficult and complicated cases, where no medical reports are offered
  • is very competent in negotiating appropriate treatment and medical expenses with providers

Company Operations

Parsival Assistance:

  • Is certified on GDPR
  • Operates on a customized CRM platform (SYNERGO®) where partners can monitor their cases and have direct access to information and files
  • Fast and reliable response on all requests
  • Own network with negotiated rates and special prices for all of Greece and Cyprus
  • List of preferred providers for Greece and Cyprus
  • In-house cost containment

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