International Insurance company

An International Insurance company who wants to expand its cooperation network, thus reassuring your clients that they would receive the best possible medical care and evacuation possibilities. Plus, you would benefit by our expertise in facilitating communication between parties. Exploiting our flawless network of providers, will strengthen all aspects of your assistance towards your clients, no matter if its Travel, Automotive or Health. Moreover, our online tool for monitoring the ongoing process of a case, Synergo®, will be at your disposal providing a safe tool for interacting with and supervising our actions.

Travel Insurance company

A Travel Insurance company with limited access and knowledge to the peculiarities of our region; Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria. This part of the European Union, located in the Eastern Mediterranean, is highly popular for traveling. Although tourism is well organized in most parts, people tend to travel around in remote places, no matter if its sailing and boating between small islands or hiking in the beautiful but unexplored mountains. Clients will need your assistance, so our detailed network of providers is invaluable in such cases.

Corporation, Company or Organization

A large Corporation, Company or Organization with physical presence in our region. Your employees, whether expats or locals, would most definitely benefit from our vast knowledge of the local geography, assessment of the medical facilities, payment arrangements, political and security issues, customs and tax laws.

Provider of Health Services

A local Provider of Health Services, Evacuation and Customized Transportation will find our Consulting Services to be invaluable when dealing with foreign insurances. We can supply with accreditation, online billing and guaranty of payment.

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